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Our latest group has recently started up and is called:

"Switching Gears - Alternating Systems of Cleaning"

Clutterbusting and Homecare (Do you have clutter? This group may be of help to you!)

Core Cleaning for the Home (approximately 100 members so far!)

Checklist Annie (contains checklist reminders for the "Core Cleaning" group above)

Step Cleaning (over 200 members)

Organizing Annie (over 100 members)

To Dos and Ta Das (approximately 100 members)

Organizing 50 in 10 (approaching 100 members)

50 in 15 Organizing Ladies (One of my favorites and our original group!)

Clockwise Cleaning (My kids love to "clean clockwise"!)

Organize in Five (For those "super busy" moms!)

Pedometer Ladies (Count steps while you clean!)

Devotional Reminders (Stay inspired with daily devotional reminders!)

Strength 4 the Family (Reminders, as well as links to some helpful resources!)

Homeschooling Help 4 Moms (Helpful links and files for any homeschooler.)

This home schooling group will be posting at: Home-School Forums

Common Sense Homemaking (a Common Sense approach to homemaking!)

Our final group is directed at keeping our bodies fit as temples for God's Holy Spirit:

Annie's Fitness Group

Through a Christian forum, I came across a posting about:

SPARK PEOPLE: A FREE on-line support website for individuals looking for help with diet and fitness. There are many groups to choose from with over 12 million members! We have no group at Spark People, but many of the Annie group members are enjoying the support and encouragement that they find at Spark People!

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Switching Gears - Alternating Systems of Cleaning

Have you been trying various systems of cleaning, only to be bored with them after just several days? Do you create TO DO lists for yourself, only to find yourself distracted by other events or people? Do your TO DO lists get completed? This group is designed to keep variety in your daily routines. This group will be alternating systems of cleaning in a fun new way! Do you enjoy variety and trying new cleaning routines? If so, this group is for you! We will be using at least FIVE different systems of cleaning in this group. This will be a NO POST group and you are welcomed to email the group moderator with any questions or concerns that you may have about the systems we'll be using.

<b>Click to join Switching Gears</b>

Click to join Switching Gears

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